Advisor Development

Over the past 10 years there have been dramatic changes in the distribution of life insurance products and investment products by life insurance companies in Canada. Most of the insurance companies have eliminated their agency distribution system and are now dealing with independent advisors, primarily through Managing General Agencies (MGA's).

Along with the loss of the agency structure, advisors have lost the development programs that were provided as well as the training programs for new advisors. This of course was once a very crucial part of the growth of the industry.

At the Gryphin Advantage, we believe that it is our responsibility to coordinate the selection, hiring and training of not only new inexperienced advisors, but also the continued development of experienced advisors.

Through various training and coaching programs we are continually committed to increasing the number of advisors associated with the Gryphin Advantage and at the same time improving their effectiveness in running their business.

Our Training and Development

Weekly Marketing Meetings: These are held on a weekly basis and are primarily structured for junior advisors.

Monthly Agency Meetings: Organized for the entire group of advisors, these meetings are designed to update and illustrate products, sales ideas and technical information.

Monthly Target Meetings: Targeted to specific advisors, because of their diverse interests, these meetings are designed to ensure that all advisors are cultivating the markets that they personally want to pursue and that they increase their opportunity to learn from other top advisors.

Quarterly Seminars: It is our intention for the benefit of our advisors, to present professional consultants and lecturers in a continued attempt to 'add value' and nurture an enhanced atmosphere.

Professional Designations: Each week The Gryphin Advantage hosts and moderates advisors interested in pursuing their CFP / CLU / CHFC designations. Providing this facility is much like it was years ago, when individuals could meet as a group to discuss their weekly studies, making it much easier and enjoyable to acquire the knowledge necessary for successful completion of the course.

THE GRYPHIN EXPRESS: Each year The Gryphin enthusiastically plans and coordinates an annual educational conference. Designed to not only provide CE credits, we are proud to say we have visited many interesting cities, attended professional hockey/football games and experienced a large number of historical sites. With a conference atmosphere, the Express provides a perfect environment to improve your sales skills, technical abilities and at the same time, network with fellow advisors.

Industry Credits: All meetings are not only designed to be informative and inspirational, but also be CE creditable.

By assisting with advisor development we believe that we will continue to grow and provide all of our clients with the right choices to achieve personal and business financial security.
To discuss some of these great services and opportunities we are offering, please contact:
Director of Agency Development, Phil Farley B.A., C.L.U., CH.F.C. at 905-527-3667 (Toll Free 1-800-317-9224) or via e-mail at: