Marketing Support

The MGA Products: Gryphin develops educational programs for its advisors covering product features and marketing sales ideas for new products. This resource is fully knowledgeable with al aspects of the products produced by the companies within the network of strategically aligned partners.

Competitive Research and Analysis: Gryphin identifies key competitive products and provides objective analysis supported through 'Lifeguide' and 'Cannex'. Current point of sale material is available in the Agency as well as research on a case by case basis.

Presentation Development: Gryphin provides a full range of effective sales presentations. Working with the advisors The Gryphin Advantage will take ideas from the concept stage to a professional, packaged marketing presentation.

Case Consultation: Gryphin provides technical advice, analysis and assistance in determining the type and format of presentations. The agency deals directly on behalf of the advisors to facilitate and expedite special quotes and/or underwriting.

Lead Generation: Gryphin effectively executes seminars, trade shows and lead generation projects on a recurring basis.

Conference Room: At the disposal of the advisor, Gryphin provides a superb conference room. This is made accessible in order to conduct client meetings, preparation, workshops or seminars.